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Portable Oxygen Generator & Dressing For Wound Care

Full Wound Healing
Complete re-epithelialization wound closure 11,22,24,26,27
Naturally Antibacterial
Promotes body's own immune response 8-10,17,18
Cost Effective
Lower cost as stand-alone or adjunctive solution 24,34
Pain Reduction
Increases quality of life & promotes compliance
Wearable 24/7
Completely silent and can be discretely worn
Continuous Diffusion
Diffuses pure, humidified oxygen directly into tissues 24/7

Case Studies & How It Works Video

Full line of dressings for wound care

eo2 full product line


The Oxyspur® Oxygen Diffusion Dressing is an all-in-one dressing for medium to high exudating wounds. The dressings come in 4"x5" and 2"x2" in adhesive ad non-adhesive. They may also be trimmed to fit a unique wound size.

The OxySpur® Lit Oxygen Diffusion Dressing is an all-in-one dressing for low exudating, surgical wounds. The dressing comes in 2"x8" adhesive.

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