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Portable Oxygen Generator & Dressing For Wound Care

Full Wound Healing
Complete re-epithelialization wound closure 17-23,30-31
Naturally Antibacterial
Promotes body's own immune response 19,43-51,53
Cost Effective
Lower cost as stand-alone or adjunctive solution 20, 23
Pain Reduction
Increases quality of life & promotes compliance
Wearable 24/7
Completely silent and can be discreetly worn
Continuous Diffusion
Diffuses pure, humidified oxygen directly into tissues 24/7

Case Studies & How It Works Video

Full line of dressings for wound care

eo2 full product line

The Oxyspur® Oxygen Diffusion Dressing is an all-in-one dressing for medium to high exudating wounds. The dressings come in 5"x7", 4"x5" and 2"x2". The 4"x5" and 2"x 2" are available in adhesive and non adhesive. They may also be trimmed to fit a unique wound size.

The OxySpur® Lite Oxygen Diffusion Dressing is an all-in-one dressing for low exudating, surgical wounds. The dressing comes in 2"x10" adhesive.

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