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EO2 Concepts®
EO2 Concepts® is an advanced wound care technology company, and developer of a progressive FDA cleared Class II medical device that provides therapy to difficult-to-heal wounds.

Suffering from a wound that won’t heal?
Are you troubled by a wound that just won’t close? You’re not alone. Over 10 million Americans suffer from non-healing wounds with as many as 1 million new cases of diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers being diagnosed each year. So whether you have a pressure ulcer, a skin graft or a burn that won’t heal, the TransCu O2®could be the solution to your problem.

Our Solution: The TransCu O2®
The TransCu O2® is an oxygen delivery system that provides a continuous flow of humidified oxygen to a moist wound. With a 74% success rate, the TransCu O2® system has demonstrated an ability to close wounds that were unresponsive to other advanced therapies. The TransCu O2® is designed to feed an oxygen compromised wound a continuous stream of pure oxygen directly to the wound for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The humidified oxygen produced by the TransCu O2® helps prevent the wound from drying out. The device also utilizes enhanced fuel cell technology to electrochemically generate the pure oxygen. This solid-state design allows for the portable and continuous delivery of a new therapy. The new portable oxygen wound therapy, Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen (CDO) therapy, helps optimize the wound healing process. Oxygen plays a pivotal role in many intracellular processes of wound healing regardless of wound etiology. CDO is one of the most targeted approaches in wound care today.

The Difference the TransCu O2® Provides
  • Continuous Oxygen Therapy (24/7)
  • Convenient care from anywhere!
  • Significantly lower cost of treatment
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Explore our tabs above to learn how the TransCu O2® has changed lives, and can change yours!

Federal Supply Schedule (FSS):
EO2 Concepts® has partnered with Marathon Medical (Commerce City, CO) on it’s Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract administered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), making the TransCu O2®and OxySpur™ Oxygen Diffusion Dressings available throughout the entire federal healthcare system, consisting of over 1300 Veterans health facilities, Department of Defense medical treatment facilities, Military Hospitals, Indian Health Service Hospitals, State Veteran’s Nursing Homes and other government agencies. For more information contact EO2 Concepts®or Marathon Medical, 877.431.4753 or 855.339.4309

ISO13485:2003, CE Mark, CMDCAS Certification & Canadian Medical Device License:
2 Concepts® is an ISO 13485:2003 certified company that maintains European Commission CE mark certification and obtained its Canadian Medical Device License for distribution of innovative wound care products throughout the United States, Canada and the European Union.