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Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcer using CDO Therapy

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Cindy S. Bailey RN, BSN, WCC

Genesis Medical, Indianapolis, Indiana

Patient: 89 year old female with chronic non-healing ulcer of the right lower leg

Medical History: Diabetic type II, PVD, Dementia, HTN, Diverticulitis, Vascular disease, L eye implant, anxiety, Renal Artery Stenosis, Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Femoral and Renal Stenosis, Osteoporosis.

Previous Therapy: Patient had a venous duplex ultrasound, Arterial Duplex. All impressions show severe occlusion in popliteal artery, femoral artery, post tibial artery = Advance atherosclerotic arterial occlusion disease in right lower extremity.

Treatment: OxyGeni® set at 10 ml/hr using a two-part moisture absorbent dressing and oc-clusive layer.

Days on Service: 47 days

Outcome: Wound Healed.