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Treatment of Non-Healing Surgical Wound with CDO

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Phoenix, AZ

Patient: 48-Year-old male suffering from non-healing surgical wound

Medical History: Diabetes, vascular issues, PVD, not a candidate for vascular interventions or HBO treatment

Wound History: Patient initially had 2 blisters on great and second toe that lead to great toe amputation. Patient was scheduled for BKA, yet the wound showed enough improvement after one week of Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen (CDO) Treatment to cancel surgery.

Treatment:3 OxyGeni® units set at 10 ml/hr paired with OxySpur® Oxygen Diffusion Dressing. Initially used with Hydrofera Blue*, Endoform* (both used to fill wound depth),
SANTYL** (only in small, peripheral regions after sharp debridement since ointments block oxygen diffusion), Calmoseptine*** (protect periwound and relieve discomfort). During the last 6 weeks of CDO treatment only the OxySpur Dressing was used directly on the wound bed.

Days on Service: Wound reached 99% closure in 93 days with CDO therapy. Full closure was verified by patient and photo 16 days after treatment was discontinued.

Below is a series of pictures showing the sequence of healing using Continuous Diffusion of
Oxygen (CDO) Therapy from initial application of the OxyGeni® System through complete healing.