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Treatment of a Venous Leg Ulcer using CDO Therapy

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Stephanie Wu, DPM, MSc, Chicago Illinois

Patient: 53-year-old female

Wound History: Duration of ulcer prior to treatment with CDO was 5 months

Medical History: History of venous insufficiency with ulcers bilaterally and obesity

Previous Therapy: Profore compression*, lodosorb*, Santyl* & silver nitrate

Treatment: OxyGeni® set at 10 ml/hr using OxySpur® Oxygen Diffusion Dressing covered with Profore*
4-layer compression, Mesalt** used for hyper granulation control for 2 weeks

Pain Reduction: 

  • Prior to CDO, pain of 3 ranging as high as 8; intermittently taking pain medication
  • By 20 days of CDO, pain of 2 during dressing changes; no pain medication
  • On day 20, CDO therapy was placed on hold over a holiday
  • On day 26, patient returned to clinic reporting pain of 10 and difficulty sleeping; Patient needed to resume taking narcotic pain medication secondary to ulcer related discomfort; Patient resumed CDO therapy
  • 3 days after restarting CDO therapy, pain was controlled and patient was off narcotics

Summary:: Wound closed in 79 days with 100% epithelialization over hypergranulation

(Photos courtesy of Stephanie Wu, DPM MSc, Associate Dean of Research, Dr. William M. Scholl
College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, Illinois)

Published in Podiatry Today – November 2014

* Profore, Iodosorb and Santyl are registered trademarks of Smith and Nephew, Inc.
** Mesalt is a registered trademark of Medline Industries, Inc.