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Oxygen Wound Therapy

Heal faster using continuous diffusion of oxygen.

Traditional wound therapy can be ineffective and painful. But there is a better treatment option that can help you recover faster and with less pain – OxyGeni®. VGM Homelink understands oxygen wound treatment, knows which providers offer it, and can help you navigate the Workers’ Comp insurance and Managed Care coverage issues you may face. Medicare does not currently offer a reimbursement rate for this treatment option.

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What is OxyGeni?

OxyGeni Device

OxyGeni from EO2 Concepts is a wearable oxygen generator with oxygen diffusion dressings. OxyGeni provides pure humidified oxygen to your wound through a special oxygen diffusion dressing. The result is faster, more complete healing with less pain because it allows your body’s natural antibacterial properties to do what they do naturally. Most importantly, CDO is wearable, so it can go wherever you go, promoting continuous healing. Benefits of CDO therapy include:*

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    Faster healing
  • icon that represents less pain during healing
    Less pain during the healing process
  • icon that represents reduced risk
    Reduced risk of infection
  • icon that represents better long-term success
    Better long-term healing success
  • icon that represents recover stronger
    Recover stronger than before*
  • icon that represents 24-7 progress
    24/7 progress with your wearable device

*source: https://www.eo2.com/clinical-research/

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Is OxyGeni right for you?

People live with a variety of wounds that can benefit from CDO. Contact VGM Homelink for help determining if CDO is appropriate for your wounds.

CDO may be the treatment you need and has been shown to work on the following types of wounds:

  • Non-healing surgical wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous, Arterial or Mixed Etiology ulcers
  • Wounds associated with amputations
  • Previously infected wounds
  • Skin grafts
  • Burns, including radiation
  • Wounds that have resisted other treatment
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How do I get the OxyGeni System?

VGM Homelink can connect you with healthcare providers who understand CDO therapy and the Workers’ Comp insurance and Managed Care coverage issues you may face. We will help you navigate the process to get you on the path to the treatment you deserve.

Amy Camarata and her team at VGM Homelink are dedicated specialists for oxygen wound therapy and CDO. Amy‘s team is committed to helping you find the care you need.

Contact Amy's Team

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To get answers to your questions, or to get your treatment process started, Call Amy's Team at 800-816-9391

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Meet Amy

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